Ukrnafta rebrands its network of filling stations
Ukrnafta rebrands its network of filling stations

PJSC Ukrnafta is implementing a large-scale project to rebrand its network of filling stations. As of July 10, the company has restyled five stations in Kyiv and Kyiv oblast. In the next month the company will commence rebranding at least 10 stations more in Western and Central Ukraine.

Ukrnafta started rebranding from Kyiv opening two restyled filling stations on April 13. The new customer offering includes industrial design, basic conveniences, high-quality customer service as well as EURO-5 fuel. The rebranded stations feature a store carrying non-fuel products, fast-food area, auto merchandise and outlets to charge cell phones – in fact, they offer everything a driver or a traveller might need. The rebranded stations also offer a Connection Point, i.e. is the area with a built-in tablet allowing fast and free Internet access and free Internet calls within Ukraine and to any part of the world via Skype.

At the same time Ukrnafta’s rebranded filling stations will continue to offer quality at affordable prices not only for fuel, but also for the whole range of non-fuel products.

The rebranded stations will offer a higher level of customer service, with new employees undergoing rigorous selection process and special trainings.  

FEDORIV agency was hired to develop the new strategy, design and architectural solutions for rebranding of the whore retail network, communication and general retail strategy of the network. It suggested new colours, renewed logo and conceptually new development strategy for the retail network. The rebranded stations feature industrial style design, with black and white colour pallet. The new retail logo is a triangle pictogram which was used historically to mark oil fields on geographical maps.   

“We are glad that the results of our work were implemented in the reality. The new filling stations have changed looking good and working well. Now we are striving for the “great”, Andriy Fedoriv has commented the work of his agency.

“As a company with the largest number of petrol stations around Ukraine Ukrnafta has a unique advantage and a unique responsibility at the same time. In different parts of the country, our work shapes what the Ukrainians think about the industry and quality of petroleum product. Our network of filling stations is the point where we directly interact with our customers. That is why we spend the effort and resources to rebrand the retail network. Our goal is to offer high-quality service and high-quality Ukrainian fuel at attractive price for the consumers across the whole country,” Mark Rollins, the Chairman of the Executive Board of PJSC Ukrnafta, underlined.  

Ukrnafta has the largest retail network in Ukraine, which includes 537 filling stations throughout the country. The company sells the petroleum products refined from own crude oil and offers a full range of fuels meeting the European standards of quality. The company’s near-term plan envisages rebranding stations in Western Ukraine, while in three years the whole rebranding project will be completed.


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