Ukrnafta will produce incremental 6,5 ktonnes of oil due to fracking
Ukrnafta will produce incremental 6,5 ktonnes of oil due to fracking

From the beginning of the year PJSC Ukrnafta has completed 11 hydraulic fracturing operations: six in Business Unit Ukrnafta (East) and five in Business Unit Ukrnafta (West). This year Ukrnafta is planning to complete 18 fracking operations it total. The expected cumulative incremental production volume from these jobs is 6,500 tonnes of oil in 2018.

In 1H2018 the company had two successful fracking operations in the Western oil regions, while three more operations have been completed in July-August this year.

At the end of August, Ukrnafta started fracking wells in Business Unit Ukrnafta (East). It concluded two operations, on well #43 Prylutske and well #86 Bohdanivske fields. In September, fracking was done on well #121 Velykobubnivske field, wells #507 and #491 Buhruvativske field and well #26 Koziyivske field.

Hydraulic fracturing is one of the most effective ways to stimulate hydrocarbons production. The process involves pumping down viscous fluids laden with proppant that fractures the layers, increasing existing fractures in the formations and producing new ones. The proppant keeps those fractures open, thereby increasing production.

Ukrnafta carries out preparation jobs and fracking operations with a help of its own specialists, including technical specialists of Business Units Ukrnafta (East) and Ukrnafta (West), the oil field services unit, the company’s own Applied Engineering Center (AEC) and the department of integrated reservoir management.


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