Ukrnafta raising salaries
Ukrnafta raising salaries

The company continue to review and increase salaries for employees, said Chairman of the Board of Ukrnafta Mark Rollins during his press conference on June 21. In May, the Board decided to increase significantly the base salaries for Ukrnafta employees. The base salaries of engineers and technical staff increased by 40% and by 55% for workers employed at the company units operating at full capacity. The increase at other units was 25% and 40% respectively. At the same time, the company eliminated the temporary ‘crisis’ supplemental payment paid monthly in the amount of 20-35% of employees’ income.

The increase in base salaries will have other long-term positive advantages for employees. For instance, the employees will see increase in their vacation payments, as well as in all other payments assessed on the basis of average income.

Such changes are part of the effort to build a modern, transparent and competitive remuneration system. Besides increase employees’ salaries and making them more competitive in the marketplace, the company eliminated a number of salary components which are not linked directly to employees’ performance. In January-May 2017, the average monthly salary at Ukrnafta was UAH 8 780 vs 6 615 for the same period last year.

The increase in salaries does not apply to the top management or employees on individual contracts.

Mark Rollins, Chairman of the Board of Ukrnafta:

“We continue to invest in our people along with restructuring the company and investing in modernization of assets. Step by step we are revamping the remuneration system so that our employees receive a fair payment and be motivated to improve their performance.”

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