Ukrnafta expands coverage of remote well monitoring system
Ukrnafta expands coverage of remote well monitoring system

PJSC Ukrnafta’s system for remote monitoring of the operating parameters of the electric submersible pumps (ESP) has been expanded to cover 90 wells. The system has been deployed in Bogdanivske, Gnidyntsivske, Malodivytske, Prylutske, Skorokhodivske, Sofiievske, Schurovske, Yaroshivske, Dolynske and Pivnichno-Dolynske fields.

The remote monitoring system was initially piloted on 13 wells of the Gnidyntsi field operated by Ukrnafta’s production division Chernihivnaftogas. Ukrnafta’s in-house specialists designed and programmed the connectivity between the downhole ESP sensors and corporate network to not only monitor, but also control the operating parameters of these ESPs in real time. The system enables the operators to monitor and modify the key parameters of the ESP units (including amperage, pressure and temperature at the pump intake, engine RPMs), as well as features in-built safety controls.

Mavriky Kalugin, Member of the Executive Board and Executive Vice President for Upstream at Ukrnafta:

«The system is deployed first and foremost at the most productive wells. The system helps cut operating expenses, decrease the non-productive downtime, speed-up reaction time should the well go offline, and as a result decrease production losses»

Next year, Ukrnafta is planning to expand the remote monitoring system to 100 more wells equipped with ESPs and introduce a similar system to 75 wells equipped with sucker rod pumps.

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