Press reports relating to alleged managements changes at Ukrnafta

Kiev – A number of internet news outlets reported today that according to unidentified sources, an upcoming general meeting of Ukrnafta PJSC (UX: UNAF, hereinafter “Ukrnafta” or “the Company”) is expected to elect a new board chairman.

The Company hereby officially confirms that Peter Vanhecke continues to carry out his responsibilities as the board chairman and no shareholder meetings of Ukrnafta have been called as of today..

Peter Vanhecke, Board Chairman of Ukrnafta, noted: "Ukrnafta's management team is doing a very difficult job aimed at stabilising the Company's oil and gas production and creating the pre-conditions for its future growth. This task is even more important, given the government's goals to reduce the dependence of the country on imported hydrocarbons. Attempts to undermine the morale of Ukrnafta's multi-thousand-member team such as the one seen today are clearly not helpful in this regard. We are disappointed with the eagerness of the Ukrainian media to spread unconfirmed information. We are also surprised that the company was not contacted by these outlets at any time to confirm or dispel these rumours."