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PJSC «Ukrnafta» had 85 permits for hydrocarbons extraction (commercial development of reserves).

Oil and gas are produced by Ukrnafta’s six oil and gas production units: Okhtyrkanaftogaz, Poltavanaftogaz, Chernihivnaftogaz in the Dnieper-Donets depression and Boryslavnaftogaz, Dolynanaftogaz, Nadvirnanaftogaz in the Carpathian foredeep.

As of year-end 2019, Ukrnafta had 1 839 oil wells and 159 gas wells in operation, including main and joint activity.

In 2019 PJSC Ukrnafta produced 1.5 mln tonnes of oil and condensate and 1.2 bln m3 of gas.


  2019 2018 2019/2018, %
Production of crude oil and condensate, ktonnes 1 516 1 448 4,7
Gas production, mln m3 1 163 1 082 7,5%
Production of LPG, ktonnes 112 110 1,8%

The company succeeded to get positive production results under of restricted investments due to works on the existing wells such as recompletions, optimization of capital and planned workovers and replacement of the outdated equipment.

The company continues introduction of remote monitoring of wells equipped with electric submersible pumps. In 2019, 84 wells were added to the system and now the system covers 196 wells.

In total, last year, Ukrnafta completed 7 hydraulic fracturing operations, 160 capital workovers and performed 57 production intensification operations and took 121 wells out of non-operation.

Thanks to these operations, the company managed to produce additional 173.4 ktonnes of oil and condensate and 138.1 million m3 of natural gas.