Ukrnafta joins ProZorro.Sale
Ukrnafta joins ProZorro.Sale

PJSC Ukrnafta continues to reform its procurement system. On June 9, the company signed an agreement with the operator of the electronic platform concerning access to the electronic trading system ProZorro.Sale. The company is planning to use electronic platform to trade in the system.

Robert Whalley, Executive Vice President for Technology & Services:

“Joining ProZorro.Sale system will enable the company to get a competitive price for its assets, which are not used for production activities or the needs of the company”.

The employees from Ukrnafta procurement team of the head office of Ukrnafta have already been trained in holding auctions for the sale of assets. This week the company is planning to place the first bids on the online platform to understand how the system works. Ukrnafta will attempt to sell scrap metal, drill bits and pipes.

As previously reported, Ukrnafta joined the ProZorro Public Procurement system in mid-October 2016. Upgrading the procurement system is one of the top-10 transformation projects launched by the company's management team to reform Ukrnafta.

As of June 12, Ukrnafta placed 548 bids worth over UAH 320 million in the ProZorro Public Procurement.

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