Mission and values Mission and values
Mission and values

Ukrnafta is already the largest oil and gas company in Ukraine, with ownership of significant world-class assets across the value chain.

Our mission is to build from this powerful base to become a national champion of efficiency and good corporate governance that unlocks maximum value for all shareholders.


In the course of business the company and its employees face the need to balance out economic, social and ethical aspects of doing business. The business principles of Ukrnafta are the shared value reference points designed to help employees make the right decisions and take responsibility regardless of their position or duties. 
To this end, Ukrnafta's core values are:
  • Excellence

    We insist on quality in everything we do. Whether preparing to drill a new well or serving our customers at filling stations, our employees are dedicated to reach the very highest standards of quality.

  • Efficiency

    We constantly seek to streamline our business, to achieve outstanding results while employing optimal resources. This is just as true of our production divisions as it is of the financial management of the company.

  • Transparency

    We are becoming an open, modern company. We believe that transparency leads to stronger performance, ultimately benefiting all stakeholders – including shareholders, employees and the wider community.

  • Social Responsibility

    We are conscious of our role in the regions where we operate both as a major employer and a producer responsible for protecting the environment.