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537 filling stations in Ukraine


Ukrnafta owns one of the largest filling stations networks in Ukraine – 537 filling stations located throughout most of the country’s regions.

In 2018, Ukrnafta’s share in total national sales of gasoline and diesel fuel through filling stations amounted to 14,4%. The company’s share in LPG retail sales was 6,6%.

As of the year-end 2018, 173 of Ukrnafta’s filling stations were equipped with LPG filling points.

Ukrnafta is constantly working on improving the quality of services of its filling stations network and increasing the number of additional service that Ukrnafta’s stations can provide. In 2018 the company launched first rebranded filling stations in Kyiv and oblast. The launch of rebranded stations in six oblasts in Central and Western Ukraine is expected in 2019.